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"You are not alone on this journey. Your Heavenly Father knows you. Even when no one else hears you, He hears you. When you rejoice in righteousness, He rejoices with you. When you are beset with trial, He grieves with you...He sees you not as the world sees you; He sees who you really are. He looks on your heart. And He loves you, because you are His Him earnestly, and you will find Him" -Pres Uchtdorf

Monday, October 20, 2014

A lot of firsts...

Well a lot has happened in the last few days like I rode my first train and on my first plane, that I can remember and left the country for the first time in my life. So a lot of firsts on Wednesday. So on Wednesday we left the MTC at 6:05 am and took a bus to the train but when we got to the train there was a lot of instruction on how to board the train but not which train to board or when so there was a little confusion but after sitting there for 20 minutes we finally got on the train that took us to Salt Lake and then we caught a mono rail( I think or something like that) to the Airport and when we got to the Airport there where people who knew exactly what we needed to do and were we needed to go because this happens every week. So we got in line to get our tickets and for them to take our luggage and while I was waiting for them to weigh my luggage I saw Quentin L Cook!!!! which was Awesome so when me and Elder Jang got done with everything we waited and tried to build up some courage to go talk to him but thankfully Elder Aua, who is from Papa New Guinea but I never saw him at the MTC and didn't even know he was going to Vancouver, just went up and talked to him so me and Elder Jang and Elder Walker followed him and talked to him for a minute and shook his hand which was Awesome!! You could  just feel the spirit around him but what was really funny is when me and Elder Jang saw him we started to act like a five year old and the people who were weighing our luggage apparently were not Mormon and couldn't figure out why we where acting so weird. So we then go and find where we are going to board the plane and run into Sister Burt (Mission President's wife) who was supposed to meet us in Vancouver but we found out that she came down to help her daughter with her new born baby and President Burt arranged for her to fly back with us, which was really awesome and apparently is very special and never happens. So that was really cool. Then we went and called home, sorry mom maybe if you had answered your phone more when I was home I might have called you {what!!...ok he got me there...}, after we boarded the plane and took off to Canada and I did not like turbulence because it felt like a mini tower of terror except 10,000 feet in the air. When we actually got to Vancouver we had to go through customs which was terrible and I didn't think it would be that hard to get in to Canada but they asked a lot of questions and I passed so I got to stay. then when I went over by the exit where President Burt, Sister Burt and the Canadian missionaries where. The Humidity was terrible I felt like I was taking a shower. Then we went to the Mission Office and had some orientation and had our Interview with President Burt not to much to write home about but then we got to say at a hotel and went to bed at 9:50 instead of 10:50which so amazing. Then the next day we got up and had breakfast and went to our transfer meeting to find out where we are going and who our trainer would be. So my trainer is Elder Kelly and he is from Lehi,Utah and he actually went to school with Elder Walker. He is really cool and way funny and he is a really good singer. He has been out 3 months and only left on July 9th he is way cool. We are Serving in Kamloops 2nd ward. After then meeting and we had lunch we went out and went door knocking until the Elders that we were staying the night with came to pick us up and that was pretty interesting and very terrifying but we did that for about 30 min until they came and then we went to white rock which is their area and drop our stuff off then we went and Knocked on some more D's for 3 hours and some of the people were not very nice and one lady, who was Buddhist, told us about how she was trying to spread the message the technology is bad and phones can harm your body and with perfect timing the phone went off in my pocket and she told me that having a phone it your pocket can make you able to not have kids so that was pretty interesting. Then we met a lady named Anetta who was really Awesome and was asking a lot of questions and we gave her a Book of Mormon and she seemed really willing and ready to accept the gospel. That was so Awesome to find someone who was really ready to accept the Gospel and it made the other 2:45 worth it. Then the next day we had to get up at 5:50 to get to the greyhound in Langley that we would take for 5 hours to Kelowna and that was for ever so most of the time i just slept but it was so long and finally when we got to Kelowna we met the Zone Leaders Elder Kennedy and Elder Smith and they are so funny. then we finally got to our car and loaded it up and got some lunch and started our 2 hour drive to Kamloops after that we went and met the Bishop and a few other people and that was the day pretty boring and uneventful. The next day I got to do weekly planning and that took almost 4 hours and was so long and then we met some members and met an Investigator Brian who really loves to talk and always never seems to be fully sober but when we go to teach him 40 min of the lesson his him talking and telling stories and 20 min is us actually teaching but it was cool because he came to church on Sunday and so did some other Investigators. Sunday was so busy we went to church and then contacted a referral and then went the the other wards sacrament meeting with an other investigator and then went and taught a lesson and then went to a member family's house and then went to another members house for dinner and then we went to another members house and finally back to our apartment but that was a very long day that didnt even feel like a Sunday. So yeah it has been a crazy couple of days and I know this is really long but a lot has happened and its really crazy to think that a week ago i was still in the MTC doing laundry. Its been great!

Love Elder Slack

following the email he sent some final pictures of his district from the MTC

This one of our other teacher brother Metcalf 
from left to right Elder Spitler, Elder Vanleeuwen, Elder Hancock, Elder Payne, Me, Elder Walker, Brother Metcalf, Elder Jang, Elder Crapo

"This is the classier half of our MTC district"
We also received his new mailing address for anyone interested:

Elder William Slack
2080 B Westsyde Rd. 
Kamloops B.C V2B 0E7 

"and yes it is supposed to be a y in Westsyde"

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