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"You are not alone on this journey. Your Heavenly Father knows you. Even when no one else hears you, He hears you. When you rejoice in righteousness, He rejoices with you. When you are beset with trial, He grieves with you...He sees you not as the world sees you; He sees who you really are. He looks on your heart. And He loves you, because you are His Him earnestly, and you will find Him" -Pres Uchtdorf

Monday, November 24, 2014

"Show me counts more than tell me"- Elder Bednar

Well, This week has been pretty crazy because Joey was supposed be baptized on the 29th and while we where on exchanges Elder Jacobs and I were supposed to go give Joey the Baptismal Interview and 20 minutes before we where supposed to be there he texted us and said he couldn't meet and that he didn't want to be baptized on the 29th anymore. So that was pretty rough and we were not sure what happened because Elder Kelly and I met with him the night before and he told us that he was ready and wanted to be baptized. So, no one said it would ever be easy so we cried about it a lot (that's a joke) and now we are moving on and we are still meeting with Joey and hopefully he will remember why he wanted to be Baptized in the first place. It’s ok though, everyone has their agency and we want them to want the gospel in their lives and want to be baptized.
         On another note we met with a Jehovah's Witness and that was a very interesting lesson. He talked a lot about Jehovah being Gods name and how we didn't say it when we prayed and I asked him that "if we don't say Jehovah then does God not listen to our prayers?" and he said "yes" and he said that no one has seen God and lived and I don't want to say we were bashing but we shot that down fast with our "vast" knowledge of the bible but it was really cool that a scripture came to my head (Genesis 32:30) that showed that was wrong but it was not a very productive lesson  because he was not seeking truth he just wanted to bash with us. It strengthened my testimony because I did have that scripture come to my mind, a scripture that I marked and read once like 4 weeks ago. It really showed me that D&C 84:85 is TRUE!!!
         On Saturday we met with Steve, an investigator who I have met twice since being here, and we had the Plan of Salvation planned for him and when we prayed before we went to the lesson we felt that we should read Ether 12 so we did and while we were reading it and explaining it he said that he felt that it was speaking to him and that it was something he needed to hear. We committed him to be baptized on January 24th!! so that was really Awesome and the spirit was so strong and it was just AWESOME!!!
         One thing that I have been thinking about since I studied Mosiah 12 a week ago, and it’s about Abinadi and what I got out of it was being an example. "Show me counts more than tell me"- Elder Bednar. As Members of the Church of Jesus Christ we need to be an example to the world. People watch us and if we don't follow what we believe, people see that and it either shows them how important it is to us or how it is not that important to us. We may not see it or want to be it but we are all missionaries by how we act and what we do. In Mosiah 12 Abinadi is imprisoned and questioned by Noah and his wicked priests but Abinadi asks the Priests one question and he asks them what they teach the people and they tell him they teach the law of Moses and he says "if ye teach the Law of Moses then why do ye not keep it?" This is how people look at us. We can tell people all day what we believe but if we do not live it then it doesn't mean anything to them but they will think that living it is not that important. When people see us they should know how important the gospel is to us and they should know that we are Disciples of Christ by how we act. We should always remember that it might be hard sometimes but just think we have God and Jesus Christ on our side!! We don't need to fear anything.
         On a side note we crashed our car (What?!) today because we were driving to email and it just snowed so apparently it was pretty slick and we were taking a corner a little fast and we just slid into the curb and messed up the alignment pretty bad but we are ok but now we have to walk in the winter so that should be fun and a very interesting experience

Love Elder Slack


I might get transferred this week so wait on the presents but I will know in a few days and I haven't talked to them because I don't have their emails.

Well......I was just about to publish this when I got another email!! 

Well we just got Transfer calls.......I'm staying!! and so is Elder Kelly so that's really Awesome. We are getting put in a tri though with Elder Tolman, who is from B.C and has autism but is serving a fulltime mission so that's really Awesome. I was getting pretty nervous because I didn't want to leave and I didn't want Elder Kelly to leave so this is pretty Awesome and I'm really excited for this next transfer!! 
         So to elaborate on the whole car wreck. It had just snowed this morning. We were coming into the church parking lot, to email, and we took the turn a little fast and we just slid in to the curb, apparently mistaking the church parking lot for an ice skating rink, and dented the two left side wheels and we had to get it towed to a collision repair shop. It is going to take 2-3 weeks to get it fixed and we will be at least 2-5 days without a car before we can maybe get a courtesy car. We will probably be walking for the next few days and getting rides from the members so this should be interesting. I'm sure we will gain a whole new appreciation for the car that we had. Maybe this way I can lose the 5 pounds that I have gained on my mission. I guess we needed to be humbled a little bit. Other than that its been the same and we are both ok. We did not get hurt at all from the crash just our pride and were really nervous on how President Burt was going to take it but he was very nice about but just said don't let it happen again and do not let it affect your work. We will be working twice as hard as before to keep our pace the same as when we did have a car. Everything has been going great. Its crazy to think in a week I will be out for 2 months 1/12 of my mission is already over, which is crazy to think and it feels like I only left the MTC a few days ago but it has been Awesome.

oh, and we got some pictures too!

​My B.C License - Interesting story since Im 18 I had to get a restricted license because in Canada you have to be 19 to get a full license so I have to have an N on the car to say that I can not have more than one person in the car with me and Its a 5 year license because you can only get a 2 year license if its a full license and it cost $75.00!!! which is crazy 
"My sweet new Canadian slippers"
​Our District before Transfers Left to Right  Elder Hawkes Elder Jacobs Elder Wilds Elder Wood Thee Elder Slack Elder Kelly and Nial, Thought Krista would like that. 
​This is are Baller picture because we are all such beasts on the court. Me and Elder Wood got a new Canada baseball shirts and they are pretty sweet!
"It finally snowed in Kamloops!"

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