You are not alone

"You are not alone on this journey. Your Heavenly Father knows you. Even when no one else hears you, He hears you. When you rejoice in righteousness, He rejoices with you. When you are beset with trial, He grieves with you...He sees you not as the world sees you; He sees who you really are. He looks on your heart. And He loves you, because you are His Him earnestly, and you will find Him" -Pres Uchtdorf

Monday, November 17, 2014

A week full of firsts

Well this week was pretty crazy and its been getting really cold here. The temperature doesn’t go into the positive anymore, it’s anywhere from -1° to -12° Celsius and then half the time the wind blows so its been getting pretty cold and I am freezing!
 Well, on Monday we emailed in the morning and took less time so that we could have a District P-Day. We went and played Ultimate Frisbee and Basketball and not to be prideful but my team of Me, Elder Wood, and Elder Wilds was pretty good, but we didn’t keep score cause that would be breaking white handbook rules but we were pretty awesome and then after P-day we went to a members house for FHE. That’s pretty much all we did on p-day which was pretty uneventful.
 Here’s where it gets crazy (wait for it....) We got a call Monday night that we needed to be in Vernon by 1 and Vernon is 2 hours away so we had to drive there right after studies to get to Zone Meeting on time. 
Will and Elder Kelly in Vernon
Will and Elder Kelly mastering the selfie
At Zone meeting I met Trey Bohne's cousin Elder Baker! He's a pretty cool guy but anyways Zone Meeting was awesome, we really learned about rededicating ourselves to the work and to really focus on our studies and it was really good and then we went on exchanges and I stayed with Elder Smith in Vernon and Elder Kelly went to Kamloops with Elder Kennedy. Right after me and Elder Smith went and taught a guy named Ryan and then we went and knocked on some D's and it was freezing. It was pretty uneventful and we went to a member’s house and taught the restoration and they were really cool and very nice but they knew preach my gospel better than I did. It was a very cold night (...still waiting).
On Wednesday I made my first tie trade and got 4 ties it was pretty sweet! I studied Mosiah 1-5 and they are awesome and Mosiah 10-13 where it talks about Abinadi are amazing chapters too. Most of Wednesday was knocking on D's and traveling but when we got back to Kamloops Elder Kelly and I went and chopped wood for 2 hours and it was crazy but we felt pretty awesome after but sadly Elder Kelly hurt his back and pulled a muscle so I got to do my first anointing on him and Elder Wood gave him a blessing and I also dedicated my first house after that because a member wanted his house dedicated and wanted us to do it so, that was pretty sweet. 

I have had a lot of firsts this week. We finally got to teach Harmon and Suki who we have been trying to teach for the last 4 weeks and they are really awesome. They really wanted to know if the Book of Mormon was true and it was a really awesome lesson. Then we slept over at Elder Wood and Elder Wilds place. It was really fun and Elder Wood is so funny and is really awesome but he is about to go home. 
Will and Elder Wood

I really can not seem to manage my time the last few weeks and I do not have much time so sorry, I have to go I will tell you the rest next week.

Love Elder Slack

...oh, never came, bummer!

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