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"You are not alone on this journey. Your Heavenly Father knows you. Even when no one else hears you, He hears you. When you rejoice in righteousness, He rejoices with you. When you are beset with trial, He grieves with you...He sees you not as the world sees you; He sees who you really are. He looks on your heart. And He loves you, because you are His Him earnestly, and you will find Him" -Pres Uchtdorf

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Another crazy week in Surrey

     Well this week was pretty awesome and pretty crazy. Last Monday Elder Lawlor and Elder Samis got really sick and were just throwing up like crazy and so they spent half of the week inside dying but one good thing about it was that Elder McCown and I got Elder Tolman with us for 3 days, which was a blast!
      Monday was pretty crazy though because after p-day ended we spent almost 2 hours driving around picking up stuff for Elder Lawlor and Elder Samis so that they had some medicine and food to eat while they where at home. Then we went to Surrey Central and just talked to people and that’s always interesting because there are always crazy people at Surrey Central and they always tell us really weird things. Like one Guy called me a racist because I was religious and how when I die I am going to look at Jesus and the he is going to tell me that I was wrong and that old man was right. Needless to say there are some really weird people at Surrey Central. 
      Then Tuesday was pretty crazy. In the morning we walked around and Elder Tolman, when he is walking, waves at cars so Elder McCown and I started to do it too and we got a lot of people to wave back and it was actually pretty fun and made finding people a little different so it didn't feel like we were doing the same thing that we always do. Then in the evening from 5 to 9 we has lessons with investigators set up so we were literally running from appointment to appointment. It was so crazy and we were so busy that we didn't even have time to eat dinner. It was really good because we got to see Gus and he was doing really good and he hasn't smoked in a week! Which is awesome because that was like the only thing keeping him from being baptized so that was really cool to hear. Then we met a guy named Rudy, he is from Haiti, and is trying to figure out which church he should join. He is looking for the right Christian church. He is pretty cool and we talked to him about the restoration and he really wants to find the truth. Then we saw Sonny, who is East Indian and is really cool and he loves meeting with us but he has had a lot of problems in the past with drugs and depression and he just wants to over come all of that and follow Jesus Christ and then we saw Janet and her son Scott. Scott is a recent convert and Janet is investigating but Scott has autism and he always tells us stories of how he tried to ask a bunch of girls out on dates and just random stuff and its so funny. His stories are hilarious. We saw them last night too and he told us how he wanted to get tattoos and piercings but he still believes in the church but doesn’t agree with that part so we talked to him and convinced him to not get them and to remember how ugly they would look when he got older. 
       Then on Wednesday we found a really cool investigator named Dillon and he is 15. He is living in a care home and he has gone through a lot in his life and he has a lot of questions of why do bad things happen to good and innocent people. He has read a lot of the bible and is super prepared and so solid. We got to see him twice this week and he is really cool!
       On Friday Elder Kelly and I where reunited and got to go on an exchange! It was so fun to be with Elder Kelly again even though we weren't in Kamloops. We went and talked to a ton of people all day and had a few lessons too. It was just fun to reminisce about Kamloops and what's happened over the last 6 months. I forgot how well me and Elder Kelly got along because we basically spent the whole time laughing when we were not sleeping or teaching.
  Overall this week was great and a ton of Fun!

Love Elder Slack

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